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I blogged about the new streaming capabilities of Silverlight this morning.  I’ve found out a bit more of the story this afternoon.

Microsoft is setting up a global streaming  server network.  Is it competion for Amazon S3 or Akamai?  Microsoft say no, but I’m not sure I believe that story. 

Here is what I found on the Silverlight.live.com site.

While the product is in pre-release, storage and delivery is free up to 4 GB, with outbound streaming up to DVD quality (700 Kbps). As we move out of Beta, developers/designers will have continued use of the service with up to 1 million minutes of free video streaming at 700 Kpbs per site per month. Unlimited streaming will also be available for free with advertising, or with payment of a nominal fee for the service for use without advertising.

Robert Scoble says that the service isn’t a good fit for PodTech because of the 4GB cap.   Currently his show output streams would surpass this limit in a a few minutes.

No details of real costs until later in the beta cycle.


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ASP.NET has a new control that emits the necessary JavaScript to embed your Silverlight control on the web page.

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Just announced.  Since C# and other managed languages are now part of the Silverlight coding universe you WILL be able to use LINQ code in your web apps

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Apparently the latest builds of Silverlight will allow streaming of media to your application.  Normally this means you have to setup your own media server.  Then there is the latency issues, your European or Asian customers need a local sever or the video might be too slow to watch. 

I’m still a bit confused about the pieces.  This is what I think Microsoft is saying today.


  1.  The Silverlight runtime will automatically stream content to the Silverlight video player.
  2. Microsoft will provide a global streaming framework that you can host your videos

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Last year, when Silverlight was known as WPFe (Windows Presentation Foundation – Everywhere) Microsoft told us that it would be cross platform and programmable in C# and other .NET languages.   During all the CTP releases up until today  however the only programming language available was JavaScript and XAML.  During the last 4 months Microsoft has been strangely silent about C# support.  That all changed today.

Microsoft has been promising for weeks to reveal their future plans for Silverlight and other web technologies at Mix07 Las Vegas.  This morning Microsoft revealed that C# is finally available for programing Silverlight applications.  Hoorah.

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Only in Vegas, only in Vegas.

I’m sitting in the Mix07 Blog Zone, and in walks Elvis.  Robert Scoble is live video blogging the event at http://ustream.tv/watch/channel/sl9Q3uQL8LZKUqO.4nJmiQ

See for yourself.  Elvis lives!

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There are so many good sessions at Mix this year.  I hope Microsoft posts videos of all the sessions as there is only one of me and a multitude of great sessions scheduled. I checked the Mix07 website and sure enough, Microsoft will be sharing the content

Starting on Monday morning, we’re going to be updating this page continually – people at home will be able to see all of the news, fun, live keynotes, sessions and partner demos coming out of the show. So, if you’re not able to be at the event, you can still experience MIX07. Subscribe to the feed and get ready for 72 hours of cool

This year there are a number of non Microsoft speakers taking part in the conversation.  Here are few highlights.


PANEL DISCUSSION: Designing the Perfect Podcast Player

Monday, April 30 3:00 PM – 4:15 PM, Delfino 4101A 

Speaker(s): Dave Winer

Audience(s): Business Decision Maker

No one makes it now but podcast listeners know what they want. Join Dave in a solidly spirited and productive discussion.


PANEL DISCUSSION: Open Source, the Web, Interoperability and Microsoft

Speaker(s): whurley – BMC Software, Rob Conery – SubSonic, Miguel de Icaza, Andi Gutmans – Zend Technologies, Sam Ramji – Microsoft, Mike Schroepfer – Mozilla

Audience(s): Developer

Participate in this “Open Letter to Microsoft” by talking to platform veterans and communicating your needs on MS/OSS interoperability. What does this community need to successfully co-mingling x-platforms and browsers?


Lessons Learned: Designer/Developer Productivity in Windows Presentation Foundation

Speaker(s): Jonathan Russ – IdentityMine, Josh Wagoner – IdentityMine

Audience(s): Business Decision Maker, Designer, Developer

Join the IdentityMine team for an in-depth discussion around lessons learned on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) designer/developer workflow and productivity. They look at several real world WPF applications they have built and show you how to help maximize productivity across the entire team from Graphic Designer to Interactive Designer to Developer. Also, get a sneak peek at several of IdentityMine’s forthcoming Blendables™ Brand WPF Control products and take the opportunity to participate in an open Q&A session with the team.

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