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Al Pascual has created a nice Silverlight plug-in that visually pinpoints your recent website visitors on a map.

You can see who is on your website or blog and can be added to any website. Will keep track of the hits since the day you install it. I’ll create more custom reports as this project matures.

It’s dead simple to add to your site, just copy the JavaScript code into your page.  Unfortunately WordPress.com hosted blogs cannot use script on pages so I can’t use it on this site.  One more reason to accelerate the move to our own servers.

The application uses the ArcGIS for Silverlight API. The map can be shown full screen and supports zooming up close for more details.



How does it work?

At every request will geocode the IP address and will add the location on the map, right now the color changes lighter as the time goes by, the hits represent the last 12 hours or the last 100 people, whatever comes first. All this could change depending on the feedback received.


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The stream of product announcements and feature enhancements during the Mix09 keynote was non-stop.  I estimate that Scott Guthrie must have rattled off ninety or more of these tidbits in the two and a half hour Mix09 kickoff.  At a rapid pace Scott discussed IIS, Silverlight Expression Blend, the Microsoft Web Installer, adaptive streaming and many more.

There was a lot of anticipation regarding Silverlight 3 and Microsoft delivered the goods.  Tim Heuer has a summary of all the new Silverlight features.  Give it a once over, there is a lot to absorb.


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Attend a keynote at a big Microsoft conference and at some point in the presentation you will hear a musical fanfare followed by a breathless product announcement.

Depending on the show and the time of year the announcements can be hum-drum or spectacular.  Do you remember when Microsoft announced a new development framework called .NET a few years ago? 


Of course Scott Guthrie’s keynotes tend to be a little more fun.


Img0398 by Long Zheng.

How to Top Mix08?

Silverlight 3 is going to be the brightest light in the Mix09 marquee this year.  Expect to hear a flurry of announcements regarding new features in Silverlight.  Silverlight 2 is impressive but Microsoft needs to show improvements in many areas to offset the advantages of their competitors RIA frameworks. 

The tools in Expression Suite get little love from Adobe devotees. The designer wars are heating up however and Microsoft will show some startling improvements in Expression Blend.  You definitely won’t want to miss the Expression Blend announcements.

WPF and XAML are also gaining significant improvements, some of which will be shown at Mix.  I saw a preview of what’s coming in Silverlight, Expression Blend and WPF while at the MVP summit earlier this month. What I saw at the summit was very exciting and I expect it will be thoroughly covered during Mix sessions this week.


I know that there are even more surprises coming, including one super NDA Silverlight secret, so keep your ears open.

Expect live coverage of the Mix event here at the WpfWonderland blog.


Mix09 is over and the secrets have been revealed.

Tim Heuer has a nice summary of Silverlight 3 features.


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Ever week a new crop of Silverlight/WPF tools crosses my desk. It’s hard to keep up with the steady flow.    You can’t beat Silverlight Cream for a daily list of what’s new.

The latest item that caught my eye is SilverlightContrib.  This open source Silverlight library just shipped v 1.0.

Silverlight Contrib is a continuously evolving collection of open source Silverlight Controls and API enhancements built for and by the Silverlight developer community.  The goal of this project is to complement Silverlight and make the lives of Silverlight developers easier.

Partial Tool List

Color Picker



Cool menu




Star Selector (Rating)



  • Tweening tools
  • Convert to XAML
  • Convert from RTF
  • Many more

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Do you think you got the stuff to build a great Silverlight 2 game? 

Microsoft is sponsoring a lot of contests lately.  There is the Mix09 10K contest, seeing who can create the coolest app in less then 10K of code.  There is the Show-off competition, another Mix09 contest, where you create a video showcasing something cool about WPF/Silverlight.

The ‘Server Quest 2‘ game contest is the latest one to show up on my radar.

Just follow these simple steps.

  • Create Silverlight game.
  • Make it awesome, remember this is a contest.
  • Submit to Microsoft by April 30 2009.
  • Wait for the judges to pick the finalists.
  • Watch your entry collect public votes on the contest site.
  • Collect $5,000 and do a victory dance.

2nd place gets $3,500, 3rd place $1,500

Read the rules here.

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Mike Taulty had a small problem.  He wanted to demonstrate the power of the WPF controls in action.  There are so many controls available that exploit the power of WPF.   Obviously there are the ones built into WPF, and the ones in the WPF toolkits. Don’t forget all those third party control suites from IndentyMine, DevExpress, Infragistics, Xceed, Syncfusion Telerik, Component One and ActiPro. Got to show those too.

Hold on, what about Silverlight controls?   There is some interesting work being done in the Silverlight control space. Better add them to the list. 

Is there a tool to showcase these controls?  Well there wasn’t when Mike went looking, but there is now!



The Control Browser

This is a WPF application (Click-Once) that makes clever use of the WPF WebBrowser control.


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When you need a spark to light your creative fire it sometimes helps to relax and look at something besides your current project.  Peruse a design or architecture journal. Pull out your Clip Art DVDs and take a look.

Most important, see what other designers are creating.  I don’t mean to look at their work and copy it.  For me, looking at fine design inspires me, and helps me think in new directions.



 Oliver Jeffers


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