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I taught a WPF class at Microsoft in September.  During the Expression Blend demo I ran into this odd bug.

[Update November 19th, 2007] This has been fixed in the .NET 3.5 Release Version.


I thought it was my video driver or my DPI settings so last week I spent a couple fruitless hours trying to fix the problem.  No luck!

This week I’m teaching another  WPF class.  During the Blend lab all 20+ students had the exact same problem.  OK.  So now I know it’s probably not my drivers.   Spent some time researching and finally found a bug report at connect.microsoft.com.

Unfortunately, this is a bug in the Beta2 build of Visual Studio Orcas / .Net Framework 3.5. This has since been fixed, and you won’t observe this problem in the RTM build.

Apparently installing Visual Studio 2008 on my laptop caused the problem.  Good to know.

-Walt Ritscher

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