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Announced at PDC 2008.

Windows 7 has a new document management system called ‘Libraries’.  Within Windows Explorer you can create multiple libraries.  Each library has settings for file types ( *.docx, *.xlsx) and multiple locations (c:\docs, d:\archive).   Essentially you get a custom search pattern for your entire network that is saveable and auto loaded into Explorer.


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I decided to record videos explaining the Shazzam UI instead of writing help pages.  They are now available on the Shazzam site.


Shazzam redux

The goal of Shazzam is to make it simple to edit and test WPF Pixel Shader Effects.

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Jeff Barnes thoughts on the Keynote  and Windows Azure


Gilbert Corrales live blogs the keynote


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Links for Windows Azure

Not all the Window Azure web sites have been enabled yet.  Here are a few links that are working.


Azure Services Platform Developer Center

Azure Forums

Azure Service Developer Portal


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It not unexpected, not really.  Today Microsoft announced a brand new OS — Windows Azure. 

It is not a OS that you run on your own servers.  It is a hosted OS. currently it is only available on Microsoft servers.  Eventually Windows Azure might be hostable on other company servers but not yet.

First we felt it was critical that developers be able to use the familiar tools that they currently use like Visual Studio.

–Ray Ozzie


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Apparently the entire Tuesday keynote at PDC will about the client side.  My guess is there will be a lot of demos of Windows 7.  I wonder if Ray Ozzie will talk about RIA’s too?

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Shazzam Web Site Finished

I had a chance to finish the Shazzam-tool.com web site today.  It’s written in Silverlight 2. 


Includes screenshots of Shazzam, training videos and the click-once installer.


The instant WPF pixel shader effect compiler and tester.

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